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If you’ve experienced and ingrown toenail or fungal nail, you know that these are no laughing matter. Ingrown nails can cause pain, make it difficult to walk, and all around reduce your quality of life. Fungal nails will do the same, with the added displeasure of discoloration and odour to the nails themselves. No fun which ever way you look at it. How does this happen? What can be done to correct it?

Excellent questions and MRA Podiatry can assist. We know a great deal about ingrown toenail treatment in the South Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne, as well as ingrown toenail removal and fungal nail treatment near the South Eastern suburbs in Melbourne as well. If your nails are causing you serious issues, we might be able to assist, by identifying what has happened, and devising an appropriate solution.

How Do These Ailments Occur?

Ingrown toenails can develop under a few conditions, the most common and straightforward being when the nail is improperly cut and grows back incorrectly. Injuries to the toe, or wearing wrong shoes can also cause an ingrown toenail to occur. A nail spike will be left behind which grows into the skin and causes obvious pain. If adequate treatment isn’t sought, and ingrown toenail can cause more than just pain, though, it could result in further complications like infection. Thankfully a podiatrist can tell when a nail is ingrown through a physical examination of the affected area, then start working on the appropriate treatment.

Often, this takes the form of lifting the nail and securing it in place so that it grows above the edge of the skin, removing part of the nail or in some severe cases removing the entire nail. There are several ways to do this without causing undue amounts of pain, so consulting with your podiatrist on the best method for ingrown toenail removal in the South Eastern suburbs of Melbourne is an excellent way to start.

As for fungal nails, it’s just as it sounds, fungus infects the surfaces of the nail, leaving them susceptible to further complications. This can be further exacerbated by other conditions, so it’s important to see a professional about fungal nail treatment in the South Eastern suburbs of Melbourne if you believe that you might be developing a nail fungus issue.

Where to Turn for Ingrown Toenail or Fungal Nail Treatment in The South Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne

The place to go is MRA Podiatry. There are many reasons to turn to us for your ingrown toenail removal in the South Eastern suburbs of Melbourne. Chief among them being that we are skilled podiatrists with lots of experience treating many foot-related ailments. We know how to assess your condition accurately and subsequently, determine what the best treatment will be for you. Foot discomfort isn’t something that you just have to endure. Give us a call on 03 9886 4481 today and learn about how we can help you overcome your ingrown toenail or fungal nail issues!

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