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Everyone deserves the ability to walk and move freely with as little pain and discomfort as possible. Unfortunately, conditions such as plantar fasciitis are widespread, causing problems including heel pain. Exercise, walking, and even sitting for extended time periods can cause painful flare-ups of this condition. Do you feel your heel pain stops you from being able to enjoy life’s activities fully? It’s time to take the first steps towards treatment to reduce the pain your experience. At MRA Podiatry, we provide qualified and professional plantar fasciitis treatment to those in the south eastern suburbs of Melbourne.

Treatment of this condition isn’t easy in part because it is poorly understood by medical science; while many causes and treatment pathways have been identified, the condition manifests differently between individuals. An experienced podiatrist is, therefore, one of the best assets one can have when trying to return to a more normal level of activity. With that in mind, why should you choose MRA Podiatry as the place to help you with heel pain in the south eastern suburbs of Melbourne? There are three major reasons to choose us and to seek treatment in the first place. Take a moment to consider each of these.

Coping with heel pain in the South Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne

First, heel pain and plantar fasciitis are treatable, and you can return to a life that isn’t defined by aching feet. Orthotics, which are supports specially shaped for your feet, can help reduce the pain caused by plantar fasciitis. Through orthotics, you can regain a higher quality of life.

Next, why choose MRA Podiatry? We have an experienced staff and a podiatrist who always looks to put patient comfort and satisfaction first. Not only that, but we have an orthotics lab on-site. After diagnosing your issues and determining a solution, we can create supports for you right here. That saves time, money, and ensures a better fit for you.

Finally, we provide a convenient and accessible option for those in the south eastern suburbs of Melbourne. Our office is in an easy to find location in Glen Waverley, and our podiatrist makes a weekly visit to the Mountain Gate Medical Centre. Wherever in the south eastern suburbs, you are, there is a treatment option available to you.

We’re ready to help you live a more comfortable life today

For these reasons, reaching out for the treatment of your plantar fasciitis is something to consider seriously. Are you struggling to maintain an exercise regimen because of your pain? We have a background in sports injuries and treatment. We are a leading provider in the south eastern suburbs of Melbourne, providing patients with access to high quality care.

We invite you to experience the difference in our clinic today. Place a call on 03 9886 4481, or use our online booking system. Choose an available date and time convenient to you and seek the relief from pain you deserve.

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