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No one should have to live a life plagued by irritation or discomfort, but that’s precisely what you face when you find yourself experiencing pain in a body part you use constantly. Your feet are a perfect example since you rely on them for such a wide variety of tasks and activities. Walking, running, jumping, dancing and pedalling are all prime examples of things you can do with healthy feet, but heel pain can make any of these simple actions frustrating—and in some cases, impossible. If you want to continue enjoying your life, it’s critical that you become proactive about dealing with heel pain the moment you start to notice it.

Some of the conditions that cause heel pain include osteoarthritis, heel pad syndrome, and plantar fasciitis—which is easily the most common. Plantar fasciitis is the reason behind 80% of cases involving heel pain and shows up in approximately 10% of the general population at least once in their lives. Still, your first step towards dealing with any heel pain that you experience should be to seek out an accurate diagnosis of the problem. Consulting a reputable podiatrist can help you determine whether you’ll need plantar fasciitis treatment, or a solution more suited to another condition.

When you’re seeking plantar fasciitis treatment in Malvern or Chadstone, consider starting your search at MRA Podiatry and Orthotics. We use various techniques to deal with heel pain caused by plantar fasciitis and other conditions, including the use of high quality custom made orthotics that we produce in our labs. When you come to us, you’ll find some of the most comprehensive solutions for your heel pain anywhere near Malvern or Chadstone. Our new facility in Glen Waverley makes it easier than ever for us to help you towards lasting relief.

Make Your Heel Pain in Chadstone or Malvern a Thing of the Past

Waiting for pain to disappear magically or trying to “tough it out” may be the options that require the least activity on your part, but they’re also the least effective. Plantar fasciitis can be intensified by some common behaviours, and if you aren’t seeking help, you may be making your condition worse. Don’t worry, though, because treatment options are often just as simple. Whether you need to rest, get more exercise, wear orthotics or undergo a course of physiotherapy, our practitioners can set you on the course for recovery with confidence.

Orthotics That Work for You—Specifically!

Since we make our orthotics ourselves, we’re able to invest real time and specific knowledge of our patients into creating them. This results in orthotics that target your pain and its roots with precision, allowing faster and more successful treatment. When you have a question about any of the orthotics or other treatment options we offer, contact MRA Podiatry and Orthotics and speak with one of our staff members. With our help, you’ll be able to put your heel pain firmly behind you.

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