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For those suffering from chronic heel pain, it’s not uncommon to think of your week as made up of “good days” and “bad days.” On good days, moving around is easier, and you don’t experience too much pain. On bad days, you can feel taking any steps at all is an overwhelming and unpleasant experience. This type of pain, often caused by a pathology known as plantar fasciitis, affects many people. While there is no simple cure, you can still seek relief through plantar fasciitis treatment in the Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne. At MRA Podiatry, we are well accustomed to treating patients coping with this type of discomfort.

Our office’s goal is to provide high quality and valuable treatment for a broad range of foot-related issues. Besides plantar fasciitis treatment, we also have an on-site orthotics lab. This allows us to quickly produce orthotics shaped to your body’s unique needs and requirements. It saves you both time and money and opens the door for us to deliver more robust treatment. Our podiatrist, Matthew Armfield, understands the effect this pain can have on your life. Therefore, as soon as you reach out to us for aid, we begin working hard to formulate the most effective treatment plans in Melbourne’s Eastern Suburbs.

Receive caring plantar fasciitis treatment in the Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne

To aid in developing treatment and providing a reliable diagnosis, MRA Podiatry employs a very robust five-point system for examining patients. This allows our podiatrist to determine the severity of your plantar fasciitis and to suggest a treatment option that will be most effective at pain management. There are many forms this treatment can take. For example, you may be able to experience relief with basic “over the counter” shoe inserts, or orthotics.

For more severe cases, a more custom fit for your feet is ideal. We have our own orthotics lab in our clinic, so it is simple to provide the fit necessary for our patients. However, we may also recommend other therapies to aid in creating more daily comfort. These could include ultrasound or ice therapy, or rehabilitative exercises. Whichever path is best for you, you will receive full support from our staff and podiatrist at every “step” of the way!

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Are you ready to increase the number of “good days” you remember from each week? Managing pain caused by plantar fasciitis begins with the right diagnosis. Matthew Armfield and all the staff at MRA Podiatry are ready to welcome you to our practice and commence providing treatment. When you want to walk around without heel pain in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne, choose a leading provider in your area. We provide a quick and easy option for booking online, or you can use our contact form. We welcome all new patients and encourage enquiries. Let us show you the way forward today.

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